Medicare Advantage
with nationwide coverage!

We now offer several $0 Medicare Advantage plans
that provide coverage in all 50 states!

2022 Medicare Annual Enrollment Period ends December 7, 2021.


Option 1: Medicare Advantage PPO Choice with Nationwide Coverage!

We now offer several NEW Medicare Advantage PPO plans that allows you to use a National Medicare Network. These plans are sold in 46 states and is also $0/mo in many areas including counties in South Dakota, Florida, and Texas. 

This is a Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drugs (MAPD) and includes all of this:

  • Coverage for Medicare Part A and B expenses
  • Part D Prescriptions
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Hearing 
  • Fitness program
  • NurseLine
and more!

These are the first MAPD plans ever that provide nationwide coverage without travel limitations; and they’re backed by the largest Medicare network in the nation. 

Contact us if you want to know more about these plans and their availability in your area. We are happy to compare this option with the MSA option below and the Medicare Supplement option to help you decide which is best.

Option 2: Medicare Advantage Medical Savings Account (MSA)

A Medicare MSA plan is a type of consumer-directed Medicare Advantage plan. An MSA plan is similar to a Health Savings Account (HSA) plan that you may have had before Medicare in that it has a Savings Account plus a High Deductible Health Plan. Unlike a Health Savings Account where the insured member funds the HSA account, with an MSA plan 100% of the funds come from Medicare. 

An MSA plan is different than all other types of Medicare Advantage plans in that all Medicare-participating healthcare providers must accept your MSA plan. There are no networks with MSA plans. Nor are there any monthly premiums! By law, MSA plans can never have a premium associated with them. Continue reading below to see why we think a Medicare MSA plan is the ideal Medicare Advantage plan for Medicare-eligible RVers in the US.


Medicare MSA Plans have 2 parts

Medicare MSA Plans combine a high-deductible insurance plan with a medical savings account that you can use to pay for your health care costs.

  • High-deductible health plan: The first part is a special type of high-deductible Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) . The plan will only begin to cover your costs once you meet a high yearly deductible , which varies by plan.
  • Medical Savings Account (MSA): The second part is a special type of savings account. The Medicare MSA Plan deposits money into your account. You can use money from this savings account to pay your health care costs before you meet the deductible.
To learn more about how MSA plans work we have several resources below, including in-depth videos and the full PDF presentation document.

October 15 to December 7, 2021

Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP)

You can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan when you are turning 65 or during AEP between October 15 and December 7, 2021 for a January 1, 2022 effective date. If you have questions and want to speak with Kyle first then please use or form and request a free consultation.

Lasso Healthcare $0 Medicare Advantage MSA

Freedom and Flexibilty

An alternative to paying for an expensive Medicare Supplement plan is to enroll in a Medicare Advantage MSA plan. This plan is ideal for travelers because it allows you to see any Medicare provider in all 50 states! 

Why We Love This MSA Plan For Nomads


1. No Premium

This plan does not have a monthly premium and by law never can. You continue to pay only your Medicare Part B premium. 


2. No Networks

This is the only type of Medicare Advantage plan that requires all Medicare-par providers to accept. There is no network. You have complete freedom to see any Medicare-par provider in the country.


3. No Copays

This plan has two components: A Deposit into your Medical Savings Account and a Deductible. Medicare makes the annual deposit into your account--you don't. Once you spend those Medicare-provided funds you have to meet your plan deductible and then the plan pays 100% of Medicare A and B expenses. That's it. 


4. No Referrals

Unlike most other Medicare Advantage plans, you have complete flexibility and freedom without anybody else managing your healthcare other than you and your doctor. 


5. No Prior Authorizations

You do not need prior authorization or permission to seek medical care. This is a choice between you and your Medicare-participating doctor. 


6. No Health Questions

As long as you do not have End Stage Renal Disease you can not be turned down for this plan due to a pre-existing medical condition. 

Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) Reminder

October 15 to December 7

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