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Global Health Insurance Plans

Nomad Insurance by SafetyWing

An affordable short-term healthcare solution for backpackers, travelers, and digital nomads. Taking a short or long trip? Then this is the plan for you.
$ 42
/ mo. starting
  • Buy abroad, stay abroad
  • Automatic monthly payments
  • Visits to home country are covered
  • Young children included

Remote Health by SafetyWing

A comprehensive long-term healthcare solution designed for remote workers, expats and digital nomads. Living abroad long-term? Then this is your plan
$ 153
/ mo. starting
  • Buy abroad, stay abroad.
  • Live and Travel anywhere
  • Fast and Easy claims
  • Support in every timezone

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Global Health Insurance Solutions for Digital Nomads, Remote Workers, and Backpackers

Overview of Global Solutions

The main difference between SafetyWing Nomad Insurance and Nomad Health for individuals:

  • Nomad Insurance is a travel medical insurance and was built for Digital Nomads, travelers, and backpackers who have health insurance coverage in their home country but need coverage abroad while traveling.
  • Remote Health is a comprehensive health insurance plan for traveling nomads and remote workers AND also for people who still stay in one spot as expats or are in their home country.
  • Low Cost
  • Global Protection
  • Long-term and Short-term
  • Coverage for visits to Home Country
  • Travelers and Remote Workers

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Who our Global Solution plans are best for

Travel medical insurance that covers people from all over the world, while outside your home country.


  • Travel medical – Access a qualified global network of hospitals and doctors for unexpected medical problems and accidents. Includes coverage for: Doctors, Hospitals, Emergency medica evacuation.


  • Travel – Includes coverage for: Travel delay, Lost checked luggage, Emergency response natural disasters, Personal liability.

Designed For Location-Independent Workers,
People who need fully comprehensive global health care, no matter where they live or travel/move to.

  • Travelers and expats who have returned home and have no home country coverage.
  • For people who need coverage for COVID-19.
  • They cover globally (175+ countries) with two exceptions as of today- Americans living in USA and Canadians in Canada. Americans and Canadians can purchase for use outside of their home countries though.

Have you considered a Fixed Benefit Plan?

An alternative for Americans hiking long trails in the USA

If you are planning to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide trail, or other long trail the a Fixed Benefit plan is worth a look!

Benefits and Features of SafetyWing plans

  • Buy Abroad, Stay Abroad

It is available for purchase in 180 countries and can be purchased when already traveling. There is no cap on the duration of a travel.

  • Automatic Monthly Payments

From your chosen start date, your insurance automatically extends every 28 days until you pick an end-date. Extremely flexible, just like a subscription.

  • Visits to Home Country Are Covered

For every 90 days, you can use your medical coverage for 30 days in your home country if something happens while there. (you can’t start in your home country, 15 days if your home country is the US)

  • Young Children Included

1 young child per adult, up to 2 per family, age between 14 days and 10 years old, can be included on your insurance without added cost.

SafetyWing is a Y-Combinator company and the policy is administered by Tokio Marine which is one of the largest insurance companies in the world. The Policy is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyds.

  • Get With A Group

You can purchase on behalf of the whole group traveling with you.

Key Benefits

  • Coverage up to 1 Million USD per year.
  • Worldwide coverage:
    175 + country full coverage and emergency coverage for planned trips in every country in the world.
  • You can choose between different add-ons and tailor your coverage plan.
  • Visit any public or private hospital in the world.
  • Fast signup and easy to use dashboard.

Highly rated customer service.

Full Comprehensive Coverage

  • hospital charges, medical practitioner and specialists fees
  • cancer treatment
  • day-patient and out-patient surgery
  • drugs and dressings
  • in-patient emergency dental treatment
    diagnostic procedures
  • rehabilitation
  • emergency ambulances
  • evacuation and repatriation
  • newborn coverage.

Customizable Add-ons

  • Out-patient and prescriptions
  • Dental
  • $0 deductible & 0% co-insurance
  • Screenings & Vaccines
  • USA, Hong Kong and Singapore coverage

Other Plans Available

We understand what it means to be a nomad. That's why we guarantee our healthcare plans will fit your lifestyle.
We have many plans. Compare them or contact us for help in choosing the best one.

Short intro about why are you able to provide the best healthcare solutions for Nomads.

Nomad Insurance Group was created by nomads for nomads. Our founder, Kyle Henson, has been a full-time RVer since 2011 as well as an insurance broker since 2001. He has also been an avid long-trail backpacker and outdoor enthusiast his entire life. When you work with us you can rest assured that you will be working with someone who understands the lifestyle as well as the healthcare insurance industry. We are focused on education and service, not sales. Our aim is to give you the tools to research your options while providing guidance where requested.

We're Nomads too

We understand what it means to be a nomad. That's why we guarantee our healthcare plans will fit your lifestyle.
We have several different plans to choose from whether you need to cover yourself only or your entire family. These plans provide nationwide US coverage Message me for a quote and details. Or run your own quotes below.