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We are here to help our fellow nomads secure the best Health Insurance or Medicare Insurance plan available so that you can live the nomadic lifestyle you love without worrying about whether or not your medical plan travels with you. We work with full-time and part-time RVers (like us), traveling nurses, OTR truckers, van-dwellers, sailors, remote workers, backpackers and much more! Are you a “snowbird” who travels from Canada or one of the ‘cold’ states? We have options for you too. We have medical plans for those living and traveling primarily in the United States; but we also offer global solutions for those needing coverage (either short term or long term) for international travel. We hand-pick medical plans from top-rated companies to make sure they are suitable for a nomadic lifestyle.  We also offer exclusive access to comprehensive health insurance plans for self-employed business owners, nomadic or not. Scroll down to see an overview of our plan offerings for all of the details. Do not hesitate to reach out for a free consultation at any time, whether you need an individual, family, or Medicare plan. We love helping our fellow nomads!

Options can be confusing when you are shopping for a medical plan. The information on our website is intended to help you understand what those options are. However, it is not intended to replace the help of a qualified professional. Our broker, Kyle Henson, has been working with other nomads (mostly full-time RVers) since 2014 and is happy to spend the time with you on the phone or by email to help you navigate, compare, and get quotes on all of your options. Don’t trust this big decision to someone who does not understand the lifestyle of a frequent traveler! Kyle is licensed in dozens of states, including the popular domicile states of Florida, South Dakota, and Texas. There is nobody better to work with than Kyle when it comes to finding a healthcare plan solution for nomads

Healthcare Plans for RVers and other Nomads

Fixed Benefit Health Plans

Our fixed benefit plans from United Healthcare are the most robust fixed benefit plans in the country! Coverage is generous and nationwide.

TriTerm Health Plans

TriTerm Medical plans from United Healthcare are comprehensive medical plans that you can keep for up to 3 years before you have to re-apply. Coverage is nationwide.

Short Term Medical

We offer short term medical plans in most states. These plans are best when needing to bridge a 6-12 month gap in coverage between plans.

Medical Cost Sharing

Plans as low as $124/month for Medical Cost Sharing plans with no network! Not insurance plans, these plans utilize peer-to-peer sharing for large medical expenses.

Global Healthcare Solutions

Whether you are taking a short or long-term trip overseas or you are a location-independent worker who needs a global long-term healthcare plan we have you covered!


We were the first to introduce this innovative approach to remote access doctor visits to the nomad community and we still offer the same unlimited access plan.

Plans for Self-Employed

We offer exclusive plans to small business owners via our association with a large union group that can provide comprehensive nationwide coverage options for you and your family.

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Medicare Plans for RVers and other Nomads

Medicare Supplement

We shop and compare rates from A-rated carriers for all Medicare Supplement plans available to you. We guarantee lowest rates.

$0 Medicare Advantage

We now offer 2 different Medicare Advantage plans that provide nationwide coverage. Cost is $0/mo in most areas!

Medicare Part D Rx

We will shop all Part D plans for you and match you with the perfect plan based on your medications.

Dental/Vision/Hearing Insurance

We offer a rich-benefit dental plan that includes benefits for hearing and vision.

Insurance for Nomads by Nomads.

Kyle Henson is the creator of the first, and very popular, health insurance website for RVers. He sold that website in 2017 and has launched this new site to provide a more personalized experience and to reach other Digital Nomads and global travelers. He has been full-time RVing in the US with his wife and daughter since 2011 and has been a health insurance broker for 20 years. When he is not helping nomads with health insurance you’ll probably find him roaming through the remote backcountry with a backpack or playing pickleball. You do play pickleball, right?

(pictured here on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2020)