Medical Cost Sharing

Community sharing of large unexpected medical expenses

Medical Cost Sharing plans are a non-insurance low-cost option for sharing unexpected large and catastrophic medical bills

Overview of Medical Cost Sharing

Medical Cost Sharing plans are not insurance. Instead they bring together like-minded or like-lifestyle individuals and families who agree to share in one another’s high cost medical burdens. You pay a monthly membership fee, agree to the company’s community-based ideas, and your large medical expenses above your Initial Unsharable Amount (IUA)–like a deductible–become sharable within the community. No insurance companies, no networks, no hassles–and very low cost compared to all other options. 

Overview bulletpoints
  • Low-cost non-insurance
  • Nationwide sharing
  • No medical underwriting

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Who are Medical Cost Sharing plans best for?

If you want maximum freedom and minimal cost while still maintaining a way to mitigate your risk of loss due to a large medical expense then Medical Cost Sharing plans are worth considering. If you really don’t like dealing with insurance companies then this is an alternative as well. Since these are not insurance plans they do have some inherent risk themselves in that they are not regulated nor protected by state insurance departments. But if you are okay with that then you can save quite a bit of monthly cost with this option while also getting the satisfaction of knowing that you belong to community of thousands of other like-minded members. 

Our hand-picked Medical Cost Sharing (MCS) plan is not a Healthcare Sharing Ministry (HCSM), so it accepts people regardless of religious faith and medical histories; but it will not share pre-existing medical expenses until after at least a 12 month wait period. 

Medical Cost Sharing

Ideal candidate bulletpoints
  • Healthy individuals and families of all ages
  • Want a low monthly cost
  • Love being part of a community
  • Require maximum healthcare freedom

Medical Cost Sharing Pros and Cons

  • Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Catastrophic protection
  • Accepts everyone regardless of faith or pre-existing medical conditions
  • No networks (rates are still negotiated down though!)
  • No annual or lifetime limits on sharing
  • Global coverage
  • Not insurance (can be a Pro too!)

Other Plans Available

We understand what it means to be a nomad. That's why we guarantee our healthcare plans will fit your lifestyle.
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Why Nomad Insurance is able to provide
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Nomad Insurance  was created by nomads for nomads. Our founder, Kyle Henson, has been a full-time RVer since 2011 as well as an insurance broker since 2001. He has also been an avid long-trail backpacker and outdoor enthusiast his entire life. When you work with us you can rest assured that you will be working with someone who understands the lifestyle as well as the healthcare insurance industry. We are focused on education and service, not sales. Our aim is to give you the tools to research your options while providing guidance where requested.

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We understand what it means to be a nomad. That's why we guarantee our healthcare plans will fit your lifestyle.
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